7 Inspiring and Beautiful Turquoise Rooms

How to Add Turquoise To Your Home

What strikes a chord when you consider turquoise? Delightful Native American gems? The sea where it meets a white sandy shoreline? Barely any hues are as fun loving and flexible as turquoise. Particularly with regards to home structure. Contingent upon how you use it, it tends to be strong and rich, energetic and brilliant, or delicate and repressed. The scope of shades that touch into both greenish blue and naval force take into account turquoise to work in conventional, contemporary, present day, bohemian and preppy spaces—follow?

The key with turquoise it just to ensure that you remain in control—make the shading work for you, not the a different way.

From proclamation making, immersed divider paint to emphasize pads, furniture, and tile, there are such huge numbers of approaches to add turquoise components to any room in your home and strike precisely the vibe you’re seeking after, from lively and out of control to quiet and serene.

Envisioned here is a wonderful room in a St. Louis, Missouri home structured by Amy Studebaker.

Tropical Turquoise in Outdoor Design

The House of Turquoise blog as of late highlighted a fantastic stylistic theme topic at Villa Helios, some portion of Long Bay Beach Club in the wonderful Turks and Caicos. So if this blue tone helps you to remember unblemished shorelines and drowsy, tropical days, this structure approach is ideal for you.

We cherish the manner in which the originators of Villa Helios consolidated such a significant number of the normal shades of their surroundings into this luxury outside space. The washed white stucco and hardwood yard make a cool difference to profound turquoise pads and toss pads.

It’s enticing to stick to unbiased hues outside (tan, white, dark, dim, darker), however with those dazzling sea sees so close within reach, in this space turquoise really is a characteristic shading. Grasp the gem tones in your general surroundings and bring them into your structure.

Soothing Pale Turquoise in the Dining Room and Kitchen

What could be a more tranquil and soothing color combination than pale turquoise, white and dove grey? This home in Juno Beach Florida, designed by Blue Ladder Studio, seamlessly brings together all of these colors with elements of shine, texture, softness and gloss throughout the dining and kitchen space.

One of the most outstanding elements of this space is the turquoise seagrass-inspired back wall, which brings to mind visions of a gently waving sea, as well as natural gemstones. Thanks to traditional cabinetry and furniture with clean lines, this stand-out feature looks low-key luxe rather than over-the-top.

A Jewel Box Study

In St. Louis, Missouri, Amy Studebaker has designed a study that feels like the inside of a jewelry box. The glossy, deep turquoise walls feel all the more rich and inviting with those oversized green velvet chairs and the oriental rug.

Upon first glance you may not be able to pinpoint exactly why this room feels like it would completely envelop you as soon as you took a seat behind that desk, but the secret is the painted ceiling! With the ceiling painted the same hue as the walls, with no break in the trim, you feel wrapped up and embraced by what’s around you—including the leafy trees just outside the window.

Happy Combinations of Pink and Turquoise

See, the brilliant and bright appeal of the Salty Mermaid Cottage on Tybee Island in Georgia. Is this room not simply so upbeat? Splendid white shiplap dividers give the perfect clear canvas to a preppy and exceptionally Southern blend of rich turquoise and brilliant pink.

The complexities in this room are unmistakable, yet at the same time satisfying. Matching warm and cool tones like this will give a room huge amounts of vitality and life, and presumably help your state of mind which is the reason we see it so regularly. Simply make certain to constrain the shading palette past your fundamental two decisions and the impartial foundation—you would prefer not to finish up with a mind-boggling “taste the rainbow” look.

Turquoise Furniture in soft Neutral Surroundings

In this Madrid home, designed by Santayana Home, we see how a large turquoise sectional can almost melt into a room, rather than stand out as an unavoidable statement piece. To achieve this, the designers put it in an extremely soft, washed-out palette of natural wood, beige and tan linens as well as throw pillows in a complementary shade of blue.

The overall energy of this room is mellow and subdued, perfect for entertaining at cocktail hour or cozying up with the family for movies on a rainy afternoon. We also love how you can just barely see that the dining tables are also turquoise, giving flow and continuity to the whole space. Ahhh, how zen.

Turquoise Tile in the Master Bath

This enchanting restroom including two various types of turquoise tile is one we found on configuration blog House of Turquoise, planned by Charla Ray Interior Design in Portland, Oregon. In addition to the fact that it features two remarkable turquoise tile plans, however the dividers are additionally painted light blue-green and cut in white.

The tiles give this washroom a nearly Gatsby-esque deco vibe, yet the pale shading plan keeps things feeling current and cool. In a room like this that is actually “cool,” it’s ideal to maintain a strategic distance from warm metallics like metal and gold and go for glossy silver and hardened steel apparatuses.

Turquoise Elements in an Old World Sitting Room

This beautiful room in a Florida home was designed by New York City-based designer Ashley Wittaker. We love the way it embraces a whole spectrum of cool tones from lime green and sage to faded charcoal and turquoise. This design aesthetic, with it’s skirted chairs, rattan furniture and gilded frame art feels decidedly Old World traditional, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t replicate the palette in a more bohemian or eclectic space.

Look for bedspreads, throw blankets and pillows that mix textures and prints in green, teal, turquoise, navy and white. Toss in some vintage Chinoiserie. Find a few wicker furniture pieces if you want a more lush, tropical feel, or add Mid-Century Modern furniture for a more Mad Men-era vibe.

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